We shoot in our own studio, or on location and bring your ideas to life.

Studio Filming

If you want to shoot on white infinity (Think Apple) then we have our own beautiful 1,000 square ft purpose built and pre-lit white infinity cove with a high lighting grid.  The studio also turns green for green screen and full blackout for those moody pieces to camera.  The studio also has lots of break out space for clients to meet and we have full makeup facilities as well as catering.


Location filming

We spend around half our time on location, shooting in offices or at events or wherever is required to get the end result.  Lots or our equipment is portable from tracks, to jibs and with the latest camera stabilisation technology in use we can get fluid beautiful tracked shots into your film. Because we own all our own equipment from cameras to tripods and auto cue within the studio we drastically reduce the cost over other production companies that are hiring in kit.  We have portable tracks, jib and state of the art stabilisation equipment for cinematic quality filming even portable auto cue.


Creative thinking

Who said corporate video has to be the boss in the office with a pot plant.  It’s not what anyone wants to watch or what we want to do..

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Corporate Video

Video Production

From live action shot on location through to white infinity, moody blackout or green screen in our own studio. We take the concept through to completion with beautiful editing and colour grading then rendering out the files for optimum delivery.  Have a video project ? why not call on 0207 078 4898 for an initial no obligation meeting.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We design and create beautiful 2D and 3D motion graphics. They are used within video production or stand alone. If you have a large screen in your offices or exhibition space then make it POP with some powerful content to catch the eye.

Here is an example of an after effects project…

Live events

With events you have one chance to capture the moment. Our years of experience allows us to pick the right angles and shots to do just that.

Storyboard and scripts

We create compelling scripts and storyboards which are signed off before we start production. It saves time and money and everyone knows what the end result will be

Interactive touch screen video

To complement your video content we can design interactive menus and infographics.  Perfect for touch screens at exhibitions or your reception.

We design in HTML5 to allow your interactive display to be used on many devices from large touch screen displays to iPAD’s

Set builds

We can film on location and complement this with studio filming. Our large studio has double access doors to allow sets to easily be built.

Green Screen Filming

Our studio also turns green. We imported special chroma key material from the USA as used by Disney and Warner bros.  It allows us to go instantly from white to green. When we shoot in green we can key out the background and pop whatever we like into the post production.  Of course we can paint the entire studio green but normally we don’t have to our green screen is 40m square.