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Really Viral Video - ?

Lets be 110% honest.  There are really only two reasons people are in business.  Either to make money (profit) or to do something altruistic.  So if we park the altruistic comment from one moment and think about making money.  If you want to create a video for business thens its about a few different things.  It has to fit into this mould

1. It raises awareness of your brand to new or existing customers somehow

2. It educates either externally or internally about a new product or service

3. Its designed ultimately to motivate and sell something. That sale leads to profit etc

4. Its a recording of an event something that can be used later for 1,2 and 3

Basically if it doesn’t fit in the above then it should not be really count.

So how do you measure the effectiveness ?

Again realistically only two ways

1. Impressions of people watching the video

2. Sales, do they move, does the created content help to make sales.

Lets look at the first one,  Impressions.  At this time we will assume you are making a corporate video or animation, there you are going to distribute it on YouTube and your website or show it at an event.  You will probably only get a few hundred impressions. Because to be viral its really B2C and falls into this mould

1. Funny

2. Rude, anyone that has seen AvenueQ will know what the internet is made for..

3. Very different (i.e. look at that crazy cat)

And for business to business video really none of the above is relevant. That where we don’t work. We’re not a company that will tell you we will create a viral video. But we will tell you that working with us we can create compelling, creative content for your website and the internet.

Plus if you want to target prospects directly we have the facilities and track record to personalise the video and target prospects with direct mail video campaign.


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