We can help you stand out at events…

The screen you are looking at is over 20 meters wide !  

Many companies attend trade shows. These days getting content onto screens on the booth is critical to make your brand get noticed above the noise. The most common problem we have found is that because these screens are often a very unusual shape no content exists at all to display on the screens.

Over the last 10 years we have worked with clients globally to create motion graphics and ultra high definition video for event walls whether they be small interactive screens or huge LED walls. We work in 2D as well as 3D to create really compelling content that gets your message and brand across.

Also we know that creating something special requires many partners to get involved. We work with your stand builders, as well as marketing teams and agencies to create content.  So if your existing agency doesn’t create content for very large screens we can work with them too.

Working with your stand designers

We fit between the physical stand builders and your marketing agency and team to develop content for exhibition displays. Part of our process is to discuss with your stand design company and stand build company the physical installation hardware of your graphics panels so that content can be created with the correct physical dimensions and frame rates.

Working with your marketing agency

We normally engage with your preferred marketing agency as early as possible in the creative process.  After initially understanding the physical hardware capability of the panels we can take concepts or graphics and create storyboard and concept animations.

Creative Process

We like to keep everyone informed as much as possible.

Initially we would meet to discuss the requirements. Working on large LED matrix displays is very different to creating content for 16:9 screens. For example colours may display differently. Our aim is to clearly understand the brief, contribute ideas and concepts, and very importantly up front understand the project budgets.  Creating motion graphics can be done in many different ways and we need to be clear on costs to deliver the most impactful content within a timeline and budget.

One we understand the project we will create a proposal. This will clearly outline what we would create, timelines and costs. We will also detail any technical requirements as part of the project and who would be providing equipment (Whist we are a TV studio and own lots of kit mostly this is provided by the stand builder or panel hire company)

Content creation consists of working with storyboards, graphics and concepts until a prototype motion graphic or video can be created. After this is signed off we would move to production where the content is created.  At each stage files are available to view online as work in progress.

During the process we would also have sent test video content to your stand builder to ensure that technically they are capable of running the video.

Use existing content ?

Understandably many companies may have already created content for the internet. A common question is can we use it on screens at an event.  If its a standard ration 16:9 screen the answer is probably yes. But if its a large LED display with different ratios most likely the answer is probably no.  We can re-purpose content from original source but it really does depend on the content.  Also one needs to bear in mind that content that was intended for another purpose probably will not be appropriate, it may have audio (which will not work at an event), or too much text content, or be too low resolution for LED walls  (We currently work at about 4K resolution)

Onsite live support

If required we will support you onsite with technical and creative support. We have the capability to drive live content to large LED screens and this could be content such as twitter feeds. Naturally that has to be monitored.


A very reasonable question is how much will this cost?  Unfortunately it’s impossible to say without an understanding of the work required.  Our initial discussion with you would be completely free of charge, and part of our proposal would outline the initial costs so that it’s clear what is being proposed as part of our motion graphic work.

For more information please call 0207 078 4898