Professional Quality Video Without the Upfront Costs.

Every video company we know will want to charge you upfront before your video is made. But we’re not your average video company so we have a different model that allows you to spread your costs.  Not only that we create social media clips for you AND can work on how to distribute you video content too.

You don’t have to stick to these packages. They are there to show you how cost effective and what you can obtain, and we can shoot in our own studio and also on location for a compelling story.

It’s easy to start, just call the studio on  0118 933 3797. We’re looking forward to telling your story.

Just some Christmas fun…

Bronze example

iTaB – How it works

Silver example

Stratus HMI

Gold example

Bronzeperfect for startups

£ 45

  • 2 minute film
  • 2 hour pre planning meeting in studio
  • storyboard additional
  • 6 hours shooting in studio or on location
  • 1 x 4K camera and sound
  • closing logo with website
  • edit time 1 day
  • autocue use (additional)
  • format delivery HD
  • social media clips 1
  • project storage 12 months
  • contact us


£ 75

  • 3 minute film
  • half day pre planning meeting
  • scripted
  • 10 hours shooting in studio or on location
  • 2 x 4K cameras and sound
  • opening logo
  • closing logo with website
  • edit time 2 days
  • Autocue use included in studio
  • format delivery HD
  • social media clips 2
  • project storage 12 months
  • contact us

Goldgrowing business

£ 145

  • 4 minute film or multiple smaller ones
  • one day planning inc script and storyboard
  • script and storyboard
  • two days shooting in studio and on location
  • 3 x 4K cameras and sound two operated
  • opening logo and motion graphics
  • closing logo with website in motion graphics
  • edit time 2 days including motion graphics and effects
  • Autocue use included in studio
  • Format delivery up to 4K and multiple formats
  • social media clips 3
  • project storage 12 months
  • contact us

This is the total duration of your film to within 10 seconds. For social media and websites we would encourage you to have a short and to the point film with a good call to action

The prices indicated do not include VAT and are for 24 month contracts.

Very often you may need stock music, video or graphics for your video. These are charged at costs on your first invoice.

Travel is included within 10 miles of RG7.

For a short film we don’t need to create a complex storyboard however for films that are longer then we need more that a short meeting and more detailed planning to ensure that what is created is to everyones expectation.

We have our own infinity studio – so that gives the capability to be more imaginative with your film

We shoot with the latest professional 4K cameras for stunning colour and depth.

We can output up to 4K – But most companies would use HD

It’s important to create little video clips – 15-30 seconds that can be used on social media – Depending on your package that’s how many we can create from your main film

After your edit is complete we store the source files for a period of time – That means we can go back and have changes made to film.

After 12 months your free storage  period is over you will automatically be charged £9.99 per month. You can cancel this giving 30 days notice. Please note that if you cancel after 12 months we will not be able to make changes to your video.