You can personalise your video message so every recipient gets a unique video

Take a look at the example above created with Vidyard for a contact called Matt.  We create the content and then use a distribution platform to enable unique video content to go to each person.

What's Different?

Today we see around 5,000 marketing messages a day. Sending personalised video inside email (or in video brochure) is a powerful new concept and attracts the attention of the viewer. You could send the same video to everyone but it has much more impact when its personalised. It creates connections to the viewer sales teams tell us it really helps to break the ice. It’s very cost effective and it’s a fast service as you don’t need to deploy any IT hardware

How it works

Imagine you have a database of 10,000 contacts that you want to personalise a video for. When you analyse the database there will be around 800 unique names. Our process allows us to shoot video snippets or create animated individual snippets of these names and using our workflow create individual videos for each person. We can also add personalised graphics to the video, so for example you can write unique messages within the video. We then upload this content to a server and its sent via HTML email services such as Mailjet or Mailchimp or you can also send it via video brochures to a few select contracts

What are the costs ?

The costs will depend on the amount of customisation and the total number of personalised videos you want to create.  You may already have a video that you want to personalise with graphics or by adding an introduction, or you may require a complete video.  To establish the costs we need to have a discussion about what you would like to create. If you need an entire corporate video to be created with live action or complex 3d animation, then as we are a TV studio and production company we can create that for you as well. We work with many agencies and clients from concept, through storyboard, into production and delivery of completed 4K Cinema quality content and optimised content for web and mobile devices.

To get the prices please call on 0207 078 4898 for a no obligation quote.

Turn Around time ?

It’s very fast, when we have all the personalised content ready and the master templates designed creating individual content videos takes only a matter of a few hours. The time before hand is spent designing the video (do you have one already?) and if not creating the master video either with live action or animation. 

What can I use them for?

There are lots of different reasons to send a personalised video – Here are just a few

Introducing a new product or service
Contacting a customer you may not have worked with for a while
Welcoming a new customer to a service they have bought from you
Inviting someone personally to an event

How are they sent

There are many  ways to send the personalised video so that each person sees their own.  Here are a few…

1. The lowest cost uses a HTML service such as Mailjet or Mailchimp – We can show you how to send unique content using the service OR we can create the HTML email and content on your behalf working with your sales and marketing teams on design of the HTML You don’t have to deploy any IT infrastructure to send the videos and they all have their own unique URL.

2. If you only want to send a few videos then a very powerful way is to send  video brochures – We have access to a range of screen sizes (Costs are based on volume and size of screen)

Please select a service from the list

Corporate Video

Video Production

From live action shot on location through to white infinity, moody blackout or green screen in our own studio. We take the concept through to completion with beautiful editing and colour grading then rendering out the files for optimum delivery.  Have a video project ? why not call on 0207 078 4898 for an initial no obligation meeting.

Live events

With events you have one chance to capture the moment. Our years of experience allows us to pick the right angles and shots to do just that. And with our live vision mix equipment you can have multiple camera angles captured and live broadcast if you desire.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We design and create beautiful 2D and 3D motion graphics. They are used within video production or stand alone. If you have a large screen in your offices or exhibition space then make it POP with some powerful content to catch the eye.

Here is an example of an after effects project…

Storyboard and scripts

We create compelling scripts and storyboards which are signed off before we start production. It saves time and money and everyone knows what the end result will be

Green Screen Filming

Our studio also turns green. We imported special chroma key material from the USA as used by Disney and Warner bros.  It allows us to go instantly from white to green. When we shoot in green we can key out the background and pop whatever we like into the post production.  Of course we can paint the entire studio green but normally we don’t have to our green screen is 40m square.