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Our creative team works with you
On location or in our own Studio

Impactful motion graphics for ANY size screen...

Personalise Your Video

Create thousands of personalised videos quickly & cost effectively

Corporate video production in London, Berkshire and the Thames Valley...
Working with Marketing Agencies, PR agencies and Events Companies for creative video

Personalised Video Example

Personalised video


Frigoscandia – Testimonial

Italian Distribution Company



A different take on morning TV cooking !



Using the latest DJI Ronin stabilisation and aerial work for this promotional video


Areu – Testimonial

Italian Emergency Services


A very different corporate video

Shot in our studio on green screen then CGI for the final result



Shot in our studio - Christmas chocolate discussion


Cambridge diets

December 11, 2014


2014 Mobile Networks

This short film was shot on location and in studio - Find out how Amdocs connects networks

It's about creating value, and put simply that's how we work

What can we do for you ...

  • We work with clients from small companies to multinational. They all get the same care and attention.
  • We create corporate video for internal and external communications all shot to broadcast standards
  • We create personalised video (in volume)
  • We create high impact motion graphics and animation for your video or event video walls
  • We create product films and explainer videos
  • We shoot on location or in our own 1,000 square feet green screen or infinity studio
  • We cover live events
  • We make HTML touch screen interactive video for exhibitions or the internet.

Studio, on location, or event

  • Our locationfacilities include
  • large white infinity cove studio
  • Large green screen
  • full blackout capability
  • 4K vision mixing
  • Full lit studio with DMX lighting grid
  • location filming
  • Event filming
  • Tracks, jibs, steadicam and quatcopters for aerial work
  • edit suite with latest macs
  • video distribution capability
  • double access doors to studio with set build options

Who we work for

  • We work with creatives from many sectors
  • IT and Finance and Comms
  • Fashion
  • Product marketing
  • Supermarkets and brand owners
  • Healthcare
  • Game developers
  • Exhibition companies
  • Automotive
  • Defence

"That’s amazing, I love it! … We have GOT to win best video surely!"

" After the last video you did for us of course thought of you immediately!"

"Thats just what we needed it turned out really well.. Greatly Appreciated"

− Kony Inc

We create Company videos, Product demonstration videos | Services videos | Education Videos | Event Production and multicamera events | Motion graphics and animation videos |Large format video for event LED displays | Video for sales presentations (and the presentations that go with them | Personalised video content to target one video at many.